Gemini APK

Gemini APK (previously known as Google Bard) is a generative artificial intelligence chatbot and a family of multimodal large language models that can be used to get answers to questions, complex math solutions, step-by-step instructions, quizzes, coding, idea creations, and more. Google Gemini is developed by Google DeepMind.

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AI Chatbot

By providing prompts, you can chat with this chatbot about any topic like asking questions to get answers, knowing anything in real-time, etc. It can talk in conversation much like humans.


It can greatly assist you in coding in more than 20 programming languages. It will also let you know if there are any bugs in your coding. This will put you far ahead in your development tasks.

Image Generator

Now you don’t have to pay money to buy stock images. Because, you can create any type of image and use them anywhere including your website, YouTube videos, social media, etc.


You can upload a picture and ask anything, upload a PDF file, and summarize or analyze the important points of a PDF quickly, etc. In general, it will work like an analyzer or virtual assistant.

Digital Creations

Digital creators such as YouTubers, Website Owners, Influencers, etc. can use the latest Gemini app to brainstorm ideas and can create or generate fresh content to grow their audiences.

Gemini Advanced

Get access to Google’s AI. It is designed for high-performance, highly complex tasks, Google apps integration, etc. It is a premium version that charges $19.99/m with a 2-month free trial.

How To Use the Google Gemini App

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To use the Google Gemini app, you need to follow the steps written below:

  1. Download the Google Gemini APK from the below.
  2. Install and launch it.
  3. Login here with your Google account.
  4. Use it.

That’s all.

Screenshots On The Gemini App

Google’s Gemini Advanced Subscription

Ever since Google rebranded its AI Chatbot to Gemini, tons of users across the world have been trying to access it. Unfortunately, many could not download Gemini Apk because it is yet to be officially launched globally.

With Google Gemini’s launch, Google One launched the AI Premium Plan, allowing its subscribers to access Gemini Advanced.

Like GPT-4, users will have to pay $20 every month to use Gemini Advanced.

If you don’t want to pay $20 for Gemini Advanced App, you can access its basic version for free but which is not as capable as Gemini Advanced at reasoning, following instructions and coding. 

Before you skip reading this post and purchase Gemini Advanced, let me tell you that Gemini Advence with Ultra 1.0 model is only available in English language.

Upon purchasing Gemini Advanced, you will be able to use Gemini in Gmail, Docs more. Besides these benefits, you will get 2 TB Storage and other benefits from Google One.

How to Access Google’s Gemini Advanced

To access Google’s Gemni Advanced app, you must purchase its monthly subscription that comes at a price of $20 or 1950 INR per month. 

If you don’t have a Google account yet, you must create one. If you have already subscribed to a Google One plan, you will have to upgrade to the latest plan that includes access to Gemini Advanced.

To upgrade your Google One plan’s to the latest plan, log in to your Google account and visit Gemini Advanced homepage.

There, you need to click on the hamburger icon located at the top left corner and click on ‘Upgrade to Gemini Advanced’.

Doing this will take you to a new page to subscribe through Google One. The subscription will cost you $20 per month.

NOTE: Google is currently offering a two-month free trial of Gemini app.

Once you have successfully purchased Google’s Gemini Advanced subscription, you can use it on Android, iOS and Web.

Gemini Apk Download

There are currently 3 versions available of the Google Gemini application — Android Version, iOS Version, and Web Version. Irrespective of whether you wish to use it on Android, iOS and Windows, you can download it by clicking on the below Download button.


VERSION: 1.5 | SIZE: 1.55 MB

It is an official direct download link service. That is, you can download the file to an Android with just one click.



VERSION: 1.5 | SIZE: 326.1 MB

It is an Apple App Store download service. That is, you can download the file to an Android with just one click.




It is a web version service. That is, you can access the Gemini Web version with just one click.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Gemini Free To Use?

Google’s Gemini offers two plans — Gemini and Gemini Advanced. You can access the first one for free but to access Gemini Advanced, you will have to subscribe its monthly subscription for $20.
Once subscribed, you can use Gemini Advanced for free for two months.

Is Google Gemini Available in India

Yes, Google Gemini can be accessed through web in India. Currently, Gemini Apk is yet to be officially launched on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Is Gemimi Better Than ChatGPT?

It is too soon to decide which one is better between Gemini and ChatGPT. Google’s DeepMind claimed in a Technical report that Gemini is way better than ChatGPT on various tests.

Is an Official Website?

No, is not an official website but it is a safe and trusted site to download Gemini Advanced apk for free.

How To Download & Use Google Gemini on Android?

To download and use Google Gemini on Android, you need to visit a website ‘’ and click on the Download button. Once downloaded, launch the app and then log in using your Google One account. Once logged in, type a prompt and use it to get the desired output via Google Gemini.

Disclaimer: is not part of DeepMind, This app is a free webview android application | The “Gemini” name is a property of DeepMind by Google. We are not affiliated with DeepMind. | Our Aim is to provide the best experience to Gemini App users.